Device Management

​Learn how Glory can help you optimise the operational performance of your cash automation devices through our range of remote device management solutions:


CashInsight Bridge Service


CashInsight Bridge Console

Maximise uptime, minimise costs.  Availability of cash automation devices is of paramount importance to any financial institution that has deployed cash handling solutions in their branches.
Glory's remote device management solution, CashInsight Bridge™, helps monitor and manage your fleet efficiently and cost-effectively; thereby increasing operational availability and providing real time performance data. There are three aspects to remote device management; Status, diagnostics and Update. 
  • Remote Status monitoring provides an overview of the current status of Glory hardware devices and their cash inventory, within your banking network, to help increase overall availability.


  • Remote Diagnostics provides a means to analyse and recover devices that are showing a degraded status.


  • Remote Update allows you to update the device firmware or banknote pattern sets to the latest version from a central location within your business network.