CI-100R rolled coin dispenser

CI-100R – delivers multiple user benefits wherever there is a requirement to handle bulk coin.


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CI-100R datasheet


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CASHINFINITY solutions range brochure

Cash handling within the retail sector is costly and requires significant staff resource at all steps of the process. That’s why accuracy, efficiency and security are important. The retail sector is very diverse, and therefore a complete range of solutions is necessary to cater for the specific needs of each shop or chain store.

From the CASHINFINITYTM solution portfolio, the CI-100R rolled coin dispenser provides a fast and efficient solution for the provision of coin funds whenever and wherever coin is required. Providing a secure storage device for rolled coin, CI-100R can be deployed at virtually any location that has a high coin provision requirement.

The CI-100R can be placed in the back office and used to dispense coin rolls to checkout positions to ensure they always have a constant supply of change funds. Coin rolls can be manually replenished by cash managers or even CIT personnel in the back office as and when needed. By dispensing only the exact denominations required for checkout positions, CI-100R can help improve the operational work-flow of a retail store.


  • Fast coin roll delivery when and where it’s required.
  • Provides cashiers with a source of coin change funds, to ensure their tills are always able to provide change to customers.
  • Flexible integration with other Glory CASHINFINITY ™ equipment, to provide a complementary solution for coin roll provision.
  • Provides retailers an efficient way to replenish coin change funds, as only denominations that are needed can be dispensed, which in turn enhances operational work-flow.
  • Reduces the time cashiers need to spend on preparing coin, and frees their time for more value-added activities.


*Only available in the Eurozone and China, please contact Glory for further availability