Retail and Gaming

Without efficient management, the handling and processing of banknotes and coins represents a significant challenge across both the Retail and Gaming sectors. The impact is felt in terms of customer service, through to staff efficiency and ultimately in profitability.

Glory brings a new dimension to cash management in Retail and Gaming through combining specialised technology and process know-how to optimise the handling of banknotes and coins. From customer facing front of house solutions, through to the back office, Glory has established an outstanding global reputation for both understanding the sectors particular needs whilst being able to deliver solutions that transform their efficiency and operating performance.

Retail and Gaming organisations worldwide continue to turn to Glory for innovation, quality, reliability and unique insight, to bring about the new experience in cash management execution.
CI-10 - compact cash recycling system GLORY Retail Solution offers SMART cash management. It provides total secure closed cash handling, centralised control of cash inventory and optimisation of all cash processes throughout a store.
CI-100 - cash recycling system The cash recycling solution, the CI-100 consists of the cash recycler CI-100B and the coin recycler CI-100C.
CI-200 - cash recycling system The cash recycling system CI-200 which consist of banknote recycler CI-200B and coin recycler CI-100C improves security and reduces cash handling time of day-open, shift change and day-close.
CI-100R rolled coin dispenser A secure method for storing and automate delivering rolled coin. Combined with other CASHINFINITY™ solutions it provides retailers with an efficient way to replenish coin change funds.
CI-SERVER - cash management software CI Server cash management software can be operated via a web browser offering a centralised solution throughout store.
RZ-50 - banknote recycler The automation of cash handling enabled by the RZ-50 allows the cashier to focus on the customer, resulting in improved service and sales, as well as an enhanced customer experience.
RCW-8A - coin recycler RCW-8 Efficient automated coin recycler for stress free cash handling, with an advanced authentication system.
RBW-10A - banknote recycler The RBW-10A’s collection cassette holds up to 450 banknotes. When required, the cassette can be accessed by authorised personnel for secure, user friendly handling with no exposure of the banknotes to public areas during the transfer process.