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Branch Automation Analysis

​We’ve all read studies that report the most time-consuming and costly process within the branch is cash management. Specifically the time it takes to process cash – separating cash, strapping cash, buying/selling cash, preparing and verifying cash shipments, deposit and withdrawal transactions and end of day balancing time. But did you know that up to 70% of all activities within a branch are transactions and up to 90% of front line staff time is spent on transactions such as deposits, check cashing, and withdrawals. As you may be aware, branch automation and the use of cash recyclers, cash dispensers and sorters are efficient and productive solutions to automate these manually-intensive and error prone tasks, while reducing security risk, freeing up staff to be more productive, and creating revenue-generating selling opportunities. Case studies have shown that cash recyclers have, in fact, freed up a manager or supervisor to perform more productive activities such as more face time with customers and/or members.

Creating a universal experience: Empowering the Universal Banker in the branch environment

​While the level of user convenience and customization available to us there days is unparalleled in human history, the new landscape has brought many distinct challenges to all of the service industries, especially these in the financial space. This white paper from the Adrenaline series looks at how the Universal Banker can enable banks to meet the expectations of a new generation of consumers wanting branches to have knowledgeable experts providing the same level of convenience and customization as they experience in the outside world. In short, what this doesn’t mean is that branch banking is dead – it’s just different.

Optimising the Retail Cash Chain: From Pocket to Profit

Cash remains the single most important means of payment in many places despite the increase in card and e-payments, suggesting that cash is likely to remain extremely important to consumers and therefore retailers for decades to come. This paper assess the costs and logistics associated with managing the movement and processing of cash across retail operations and suggests ways in which retailers can minimise risk and create efficiencies within their Retail Cash Chain - moving cash from pocket to profit.

Enhancing Cash Handling Security & Customer Satisfaction at The Fruits of the World, Spain

The fruit shop Fruits of the World needed a sophisticated solution to minimise cash handling from the start to the end of the business day. They needed to perform cash management processes with accuracy, efficiency, securely and without errors. It was also important for the business to prevent employees from touching money, in order to increase the level of hygiene in the shop. The Fruits of the World considered that the CASHINFINITY CI-10 from GLORY was the right solution to meet their needs, offering proven reliability and performance.

Growing Brand Presence through Branch Transformation at Bank of Queensland

BOQ is expanding in some states in Australia where it has lower brand awareness, so their emphasis on design as a customer acquisition tool in these circumstances is high. BOQ launched a branch redesign, utlising the Vertera 6G from Glory, that would allow the Bank to open up the space in its branches to customers and build upon the personal service BOQ is renowned for.​

Driving Innovation and Improving Customer Experience at İşbank, Turkey

İşbank is a national institution and enjoys a powerful relationship with the Turkish people. The Bank wanted to create a customer experience in their branches that would provide them with a clear competitive advantage and to demonstrate the progressive and innovative nature of the organisation.​

Convenient Banking and Improved Operational Efficiency with Software Solutions at TCF

At TCF, it is our goal to be the most convenient back in the markets we serve. As an affiliate of TCF Financial Corporation, a Minnesota-based national bank holding company. TCF had 379 branches in Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Arizona, South Dakota and Indiana as of December 31, 2014. TCF supports the banking needs of its communities in numerous and diverse ways. We provide financial solutions to a broad range of customers, individuals, families and small to medium-sized businesses. We also work to ensure that credit is available to everyone, especially those in low to moderate-income neighbourhoods.TCF Bank approached Glory Global Solutions to provide its benchmark software solutions, CashInsight Assure, based on the company’s long-standing software reputation, equipment install-base and twelve year track record of success as a customer with Glory.Glory provided an integration that worked within TCF’s IT requirements while also allowing them new capabilities around inventory management and an improved staff experience.

Improved Branch Sales Performance & Teller Productivity at Chemical Bank

​For over 95 years, Chemical Bank’s hometown approach to banking has been focused on community banking, highlighted by local leadership and decision making, a devotion to community and personalized service. Chemical Financial Corporation is the second largest banking company headquartered and operating branch offices in Michigan.Chemical Bank was experiencing rising overhead costs in its 180 branches throughout Michigan. It needed to enhance efficiencies while continuing to provide the same level of service to its customers.After assessing Chemical Bank’s branch transactions across its high, medium and low volume branches, Glory provided an analysis of what Chemical Bank could anticipate if it automated its cash handling processes in terms of cost savings and phasing over time. Glory calculated that Chemical Bank would see a reduction in full time equivalent (FTE) staff, reduction of cash handling costs, improvement in teller productivity and minimization of security risks.

Improved Branch Sales and Member Experience at Purdue Federal Credit Union

​Purdue Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial co-operative with more than 66,000 members nationwide and assets exceeding $900 million, which includes students, faculty and staff, and communities where Purdue University and its regional campuses operate.While Purdue Federal was in the process of creating their first “branch of the future” they noticed a shift with monetary transactions decreasing and more member consultations increasing. Purdue Federal needed to redesign their branches to account for this shift. It was important to eliminate the physical barriers with a teller line and instead focus on a lobby with increased personal member relationships to help secure new account, loans and other sales. As a result, Purdue Federal determined they needed to install cash recyclers in all of its branches.

Reducing Staffing Resources with Efficient Cash Handling Methods at The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island National Monument

​After being severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island National Monument were closed for a number of months undergoing major renovations. On reopening to the public the following year, the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island National Monument needed an efficient method of handling cash from ticket sales and concessions that wouldn’t require additional staffing and resources.The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island National Monument reviewed their options from various cash management companies. They chose Glory Global Solutions, based on the quality of products, customer service, and their ability to provide excellent in-house service programs and maintenance.